From Diphasic Rumors
Jon Leon


Ev'ry self-respecting (talk talk talk talk talk
4.6 self to Death) man & Beast finds some vague 
pleasure in watching one's own disappear under 
a tidal of failure. Spit-shine 4.6 waterproof diver.
Directly up ahead ten thousand kilometers lies the 
exact route executed and planned by the Master 5.3 self.
The gait of the sister roles of the modicum. Rancid itches
in the imitation replica. 4.8 watched 5.7 undress.  
Divider. 5.5 was sort of scared of the day's task.
Another concrete shipping tube.


___ formed an axis with the powers of indiscretion.  
Tormenting ___ desire. The ancillary workers 
scrubbed PVC tubes, shined machine parts from 
front to finish. At last ___ has duty in the aviary.  
When the attacks came known to ___ "there, 
I think, we are almost in a war." When hard hats to bed.  
When whales escorted ___ a part of me wanted ..
say isn't that .. yes .. ahead there .. the front 
spilled into us like the last valley descending into us like 
the last menuetto  axis. Part of the war was finding more parts.


Give now the host his clarinet.  ___ 
is a parttime hustler who works out of a car 
in our parking lot. He sometimes gutters. 
___ is a Love poem because ___ like them.
Is honest because .. don't.  ___ is in danger 
of being exiled. Would this be such a bad thing
after all it is confirmed that in this country the spectre
lurks omnipotent much like the lucre trades 
running route from Candler Rd to Ponce and ___
verse cannot calm it alone.


Double dealing off rooftops & in the high
rises, 6.2 downtown torn. So vacant out here.
The cool touch of the formica vase, tulips on the
porthole, choice armoire. Back there, 6.2 double
dealings won't quit. 5.6 will lose everything.
Purchase bubble gum, lounge chairs, & lemonade.
Relax now ___ no more work. 5.6 lost anxiety
pillows. No variance, no perplexity, no obstacles.
Just glassy plains and aromatic beauties. Laps.
Vociferous dealings. O no one.